Trust & the evolution of digital identity in Canada

A 2023 snapshot of Canada’s global position on digital identity and concerns citizens’ have about their privacy and data security.  

Ingredients for Success

In order to drive economic growth and innovation across Canada, digital identity must be rooted in security, trust, and convenience so these solutions can truly benefit everyone - citizens, businesses, & government alike.

Public & private sectors must work together to create a digital identity ecosystem centered around citizens.

Today’s Landscape

Canada's digital identity revolution: a $15 billion dollar opportunity1.

Technology is changing the way we live and transact. Digital identity is an opportunity to drive transformational growth for citizens, businesses, and public administrations.

A significant digital identity ecosystem in Canada is emerging, backed by federal initiatives.

Advances in technology are driving this development.

Private sector parties expected to play a growing role.

Digital ID brings benefits for every citizen.

Fraud-proof digital credentials, improved access to public services, and increased trust in online transactions.

Canada RANKS 7TH

Governments around the globe are leading a digital transformation

Statistics represent the G20 countries 2


G20 countries that rank highest and lowest for digital competitiveness

Canadian privacy laws offer weaker protection than other leading countries, exposing the 32.1 million Canadians with paper-based IDs to increasing risk.3


Canadians support digital IDs.5


of Canadians believe it is important to have a secure and trusted digital identity to transact safely online.4


of Canadians believe it’s important for the government to move quickly to enable a trusted & secure digital ID.7


Canadians use a digital wallet on a smartphone.6

Progress By Province

A digital identity map of Canada

What will it look and feel like to live in a future where we all own our digital identity?

A future driven by digital identity will mean different things to different governments due to differing interactions and demands on how it will ultimately be used. Because of this, the path towards launching a digital identity isn't linear and can take many routes. Three of the most common approaches include:


The problem

The need for all provinces to adopt digital identities is more urgent than ever

2022 saw a 40% increase in fraud from the previous year, resulting in a cost of $531 million.9

Account creation remains the highest entry point of consumer risk.10


financial services were the #1 most-breached sector in 202211


of Canadian companies surveyed allow third party access to your personal information12


of Canadians agree they should have access to the personal data collected about them by private companies13

The economic benefits for individuals and businesses include future-proof security, efficiency and ease of access to personal and essential services.

Digital identity is the key to unlock a secure, trusted, & convenient digital world.

Shaina Corley

Federal Solutions

Advancing digital identity policies in Canada


Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) a non-profit that works to develop standards and guidelines for digital identity.


Voilà Verified, under DIACC, is the first and only certification program for digital identity service compliance with the Pan-Canadian Trust Framework™ (PCTF).


The Digital Ambition Program (2022) aims to establish strict standards for trusted digital identity platform.


GCKey, allows individuals to access online government services with a secure login.

Canada's new Federal Privacy Commissioner14 pushes for stronger regulations and focus on trust

Increased focus on privacy and security in digital identity expected to boost trust and participation among Canadians.
Prioritization of privacy as a fundamental right.
Proposed federal legislation includes significant fines for non-compliance with privacy regulations.


Identification sits at the heart of every interaction—online and off. Having a secure system that provides a positive user experience while improving privacy is critical.


  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased security & Enhanced compliance

BENEFITS FOR individuals

  • Greater control
  • Convenience
  • Portability


  • Improved customer experience
  • Reduced costs
  • Enhanced compliance

Our goal is to create a secure, private, and digital ecosystem that unlocks billion-dollar opportunities for Canadians.

To maintain Canada's global competitiveness the time is now: speak with a digital identity consultant today.

At ATB Ventures, we believe that digital identity is the key to unlocking a secure, private and convenient digital world. We are excited to see Canada advance and participate in the globalized digital economy.

Join us in this journey.
Let's build a trusted digital economy together.

It's more important than ever for individuals to have control over their personal information and be able to trust the companies and organizations they interact with online. As citizens, we want to make sure that our personal information is protected and that our digital identities are secure. As a country, we need to ensure that our digital identity ecosystem works cohesively and enables inclusive, economic growth for all.